Carpet Cleaning: 4 Advantages of Hiring Professionals to do the Work for You

March 28th, 2019

Your beautiful, four bedroom home has just been blanketed with fresh carpets. You can hardly contain the excitement you get from the luxurious polyester threads cushioning your feet. At that moment you think, “I hope this feeling lasts forever!†Fortunately, with the right care and maintenance, your carpet will feel soft and fresh for years to come. It’s only natural that it will experience normal wear and tear, along with the occasional spill. However, to extend the life of your carpet, it’s important to invest in regular cleanings to remove any spots or marks.

At Sir Carpet, our professional cleaners know exactly the type of care that a carpet requires. While you might attempt to go through the hassle of cleaning your carpet on your own, hiring professionals will save you valuable time and energy. Not only is cleaning your carpet a poor way to spend your weekend, but the last thing you want is to fail to give it a thorough cleaning. Instead, leave it to Sir Carpet and experience the benefits of hiring professional carpet cleaners to bring your carpet back to life!

Deep Cleaning

While that $200 vacuum you invested in might work wonders on the upper layer of your carpet, it won’t have anywhere close to the same effect that a professional carpet cleaner would. Professionals have expensive, high-powered equipment for deeper cleaning and extraction of dirt and stains, leaving you with an end result that is nothing short of remarkable.

Fast & Efficient

If you’ve ever attempted to clean your carpet on your own, you’re aware of how time-consuming and difficult the process is. Covering every inch of your carpet is laborious and can often leave you feeling unaccomplished. Professional carpet cleaners use equipment that can speed up the cleaning process, while treating it more thoroughly.

Improved Air Quality

Most people are unaware of the enormous amount of bacteria and contaminants that a carpet can harbor. Believe it or not, when your carpets are not cleaned regularly, you and your loved ones are breathing in this dusty, bacteria-filled air. Even the best household vacuum isn’t enough to remove stubborn dirt and germs from the carpet. Luckily, professional cleaners have the appropriate cleaning supplies and equipment to remove nearly all bacteria so you can breathe easy with cleaner air.  

Extend the Life of Your Carpet

A fresh, clean carpet can add significant value to the room it covers. Hiring professionals for a thorough cleaning will restore any carpet to a “like-new†state. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your carpet, leaving it looking fresh and feeling soft — every time.
Ensure your carpet receives the best care by hiring the professionals at Sir Carpet. Our cleaners have experience working with all types of carpets and have the knowledge and techniques required to care for different fabrics. Contact our staff to schedule an appointment for our exceptional cleaning services at 480-345-1295.


  • We had our carpets cleaned by Sir Carpet. We had the deep clean because they were very dirty in certain areas, and they came out looking brand new. They did a fantastic job. I would recommend Sir Carpet to anyone looking to have their carpets cleaned. Very reasonable price also, use their coupon on Groupon.

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  • My technician came out and we went over all the rooms I wanted cleaned. He showed me spots that he suggested should be deep cleaned and showed me, with the black light, the “pet” spots. I am in the process of selling my house so I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money […]

  • Sir Carpet did a fantastic job! Great phone experience when scheduling, very thorough and informative, I appreciated the prompt email letting me know what to expect. My technician worked very hard to make my carpets and couch look fabulous when I really thought they had no hope! He was great at informing me of my […]


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